More Than Just a Shirt

When was the last time you wore something that represented your city in a way that felt more than just a shirt? If the answer was not too often, you have come to the right place. You will feel a sense of pride wearing one of our casual shirts when walking about or find comfort in our golf polos when playing with friends. We not only strive to make quality shirts for our local retailers, but we also believe that our heritage above all, stands in its truest colors. 

In Mobile We Stand

Founded by Jack Klein and Brink Bedsole in June 2018, shirts have since been created and produced for the love of appreciation purposes. Mobile’s history goes far beyond endless possibilities with our five locations that currently makeup our downtown area for visiting and living. Take for example Dauphin Island, a getaway filled with coastal vibes or Fairhope’s charming castle strolls. When one of these cities resonates with you after your own personal experience, we bring in a shirt founded by people who stand by Mobile and are proud of it just like you are. 

Designs With History 

When one of our shirts is worn by you, we want you to go out knowing that the design was made with the intention of keeping our history alive as a major trading center since the 18th century! Because without it, Alabama becomes anything but incredible. You will find an array of apparel and accessories that takes on the meaning of when a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Mobile’s known name for “The Port City” for example, is evident for the nation’s 12th largest port surrounding its saltwater land and can be seen with a map imprinted on our shirts. This amongst other popular designs such as the “woods to the water” make you visualize and allows others to see the beauty that lies in the Mobile grounds. 

Nicknames Is Our Game

If you are ever curious about the shirt that started it all, look no further than purchasing and rocking our Heritage Crest design. Mobile has nicknames that are used by long time residents and eventually becomes a way of naming what we believe to be a deeper meaning to our well known heritage. Does “ The City of Six Flags” ring a bell? If so, our logo was created around the emblem of the French king flag, the British Union Jack, the Spanish flag, the U.S. flag, the Republic of Alabama flag of 1861 and the flag of the Confederate States of America. 

Shop our Heritage Mobile merch on our website at or at one of our fine local retailers today. We love if you support and share what we stand for as we continue to bring you quality pieces for everyday wear.